The Carol Maraj Foundation (CMF) is an organization dedicated to eradicating the moral blight of domestic violence in our society. It was founded by Carol Maraj who is herself a domestic violence survivor. After suffering years of abuse, Maraj established the Foundation in 2012 with an aim to advocate, help and restore battered women to a place of wholeness.


The mission of the organization is to help women escape domestic violence situations, empower them to once again see their human potential and rebuild their lives. This is achieved through a number of innovative programs which not only help women build inner strength but provide an avenue for healing body, mind and spirit.

CAROL MARAJ is a Philanthropist, Singer/Songwriter, Evangelist, Motivational Speaker and Playwright. She is profi- cient in these varied roles but it is when she wears the hat of a motivational speaker that she commands our attention. In this role, she declares that the “rocky road” of life has its purpose. She should know. She has walked many miles on that “rocky road,” but survived its horrors proving that no matter how long the night, there is always a joyful morning.

In between these illustrious titles is the one she prizes the most: that of loving and devoted mother of two boys and a girl. Born in the twin-island Republic nation of Trinidad & Tobago, Carol migrated to the United States in 1985 later bringing her three children who include superstar rapper Nicki Minaj. It is Carol’s love and passion for her children that sustained her during years of do- mestic abuse which had the small family depraved for an unrelenting number of years. Maraj has turned the pain of that experience into a passion and so Carol the philanthropist is the Founder and CEO of the Carol Maraj Foundation (CMF) -- an organization dedicated to eradicating the moral blight of domestic violence in our society.

CMF is a non-profit organization which advocates on behalf of families affected by domestic violence and helps restore the lost self-esteem of its many victims. Launched in 2012, the Carol Maraj Foundation produc- es programs and events that allow battered women an opportunity to see the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. Carol the Evangelist works at reminding us that where there is life there is hope and to live by faith. Her theology is based on the tenet that faith resides beyond the struggle. So even in the darkest moments in life, it is faith that will carry you through, she affirms. The second to last in a family of 11, Carol is a former banker who cherished a long held passion for linguistics. She also had designs on being a teacher but gave up both dreams in pursuit of a life of human service. In 2004 she graduated from La Guardia Community College in New York with a degree in Liberal Arts and Human Services.

Carol, the singer/songwriter is also a gospel performing artist and uses her voice and music as instruments of hope. Her original composition “God’s Been Good” is in rotation as she prepares to release her debut album titled: “Endless.” Writing is another of Carol’s healing and coping mechanisms and she has penned several plays which have been staged in various churches in New York City. Her first play “It is Well with My Soul,” starred her daughter Nicki before she was a megastar. Her other theatrical offerings include: “Form of Godliness,” “My Sister’s Keeper” and her most recent work “Peaches’ which addresses the horrors of spousal abuse. Like her music, Carol uses her plays as a vehicle of restoration and transformation. Carol has not allowed her domestic abuse to define her. In fact, at every turn she reinvents herself making her life a public tes- timony to countless other women letting them know that they too can do it. Her mission goes beyond simply saying ‘stop the abuse;’ it engenders hope, healing and happiness. As such, Carol is comfortable with being once victim, now survivor, forever advocate.

"the abuser is aware or unaware, you are still being abused. Whether they understand it or not."
Carol Maraj


Our mission is to empower domestic violence victims and the socially displaced to once again see their human value through programs designed to nurture self esteem, build inner strength and give hope for a brighter future.